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Join us on April 12, 2017, for the second annual GivingToHoosDay as we unite our diverse Arts & Sciences community and show the University again how passionate and committed College alumni and friends are to the future success of UVA. Your gift really does make a difference. 


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Thanks to generous a group of College alumni, any gift to the College on GivingToHoosDay will be matched dollar for dollar—doubling your impact to UVA and the College!


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Show your wahoo and College pride and become a College Champion! We are asking for our alumni, parents, and friends to mobilize through social media, share the message of GivingToHoosDay, and to #ChooseTheCollege on April 12, 2017.

How to get involved:

  • Sign up to become a College Champion!
  • Change your social media profile pictures.
  • Follow the College on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, and Snapchat. Also be sure to follow UVA on all social media platforms for University-wide information on GivingToHoosDay and to watch the College’s progress as we seek to again be the #1 School on Grounds!
  • Share your love for the College and UVA on social media and tag us using #ChooseTheCollege and #UVACollege.
  • Spread the word to your fellow alums and friends of the College by sharing emails and posts on social media.
  • Make your GivingToHoosDay gift on April 12th and #ChooseTheCollege!
  • Follow online on April 12 as the College competes against other schools to be the #1 School on Grounds!

Sample social media posts:

  • This #GivingToHoosDay support The College as we work to create the next new way. Get involved! #ChooseTheCollege (link to use)
  • Today is the day! #ChooseTheCollege and support #UVA on #GivingToHoosDay. (link to use)
  • Fellow @UVA alums, join me and help spread the word about #GivingToHoosDay and to #ChooseTheCollege on April 12, 2017! (link to use)
  • Mark your calendar and get excited, #GivingToHoosDay is 30 days away! Remember to #ChooseTheCollege on April 12! (link to use)
  • Are you ready? Tomorrow, #ChooseTheCollege and be a part of @UVA history. #GivingToHoosDay (link to use)

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    What is GivingToHoosDay?

    On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, UVA will host its second annual GivingToHoosDay, a 24-hour online fundraising event to support UVA schools and programs. Thanks to President Teresa A. Sullivan, there will again be $100,000 President’s School Challenge won through most gifts, most dollars raised, and hourly challenges. 

    After an historic 2016, we look to exceed last year’s efforts and come together again in support of the College & Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and our beloved University, to be the leader on Grounds. Join us as we unite our diverse Arts & Sciences community and show the University again how passionate and committed College alumni and friends are to the future success of UVA.

    We are setting our goals high this year, and we know that together, we can again show the University community how passionate and committed College alums are to the future success of UVA. Last year, we finished first for total gifts (1,124) and second to the Darden School for total dollars raised ($430,255). 

    Help us make history this year. Our goal: 1,500 gifts and $500,000 in one single day for the College.

    Thank you for your support. Please joins us unite as one school and one University. 
    We are, the College.

    For more information about GivingToHoosDay visit givingtohoosday.virginia.edu.